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Building Estimating

Building Estimating

We specialize in preparing material takeoffs and material lists for every construction trade. One of our construction estimators will quantify from the plans, all the materials and accessories needed for your project. It will be in Microsoft Excel, in the format you need, so you can send it out to bid quickly. Trust us with your building estimating needs.

Overview – Our clients are building professionals of all kinds that perform private and public work. We provide building estimating such as conceptual cost estimates, bid estimates, project cost management, material takeoffs, material field audits, software consulting, and expert witness representation.

  • Helping determine the client’s requirements and undertaking feasibility studies.
  • Benchmarking requirements against similar projects.
  • Assessing and comparing options.
  • Helping define the project budget.
  • Checking developing designs against the project budget.
  • Assessing value for money.
  • Checking designs meet legal and quality standards.
  • Undertaking risk management and value management exercises.
  • Preparing cost plans, estimates and cash flow projections.
  • Advising on procurement strategy.
  • Advising on packaging.
  • Preparing bills of quantities.
  • Preparing tender pricing documents.
  • Collating and issuing tender documentation.
  • Assessing tenders.
  • Estimating the cost of variations.
  • Preparing valuation statements for interim certificates.
  • Assisting with the valuation of claims.
  • Preparing regular cost reports, including out-turn cost and cash flow.
  • Completing the final account.

You cant afford not to use an experienced estimator.

Residential building estimating service – We started our company with one thing in mind, that was to save money and time for people. Our team of construction professionals will crawl through your plans, addenda, specifications, engineering and more enabling a complete and detailed report for you decision making making your building estimating services a breeze. 

Many unknown costs

There are many unknown costs in building, using our building estimating services will help you navigate through these saving you time and money.

Some typical costs required are below.

  • Building material choices
  • Inclusions and exclusions (Builders)
  • Contract negotiations
  • BAL ratings
  • Wind ratings

Residential Building Estimating Service

Residential building estimating service – Every house is different from the size, design, fittings and location and as such each project needs to be diligently analysed to make sure all costs are captured at the beginning no one likes half finished product. Our team of construction estimators work through your specifications drawings engineering and requests to produce an in depth and detailed cost estimate allowing your project to be managed from inception to completion.

From owner builders to corporate building companies our dedicated team of estimators will undertake your cost reporting and estimating just the way you want it. Our reports let you purchase all the materials easily as we include all quantities and pricing for your reference. Residential estimating needs to be done with an expert due to many complexities. Estimating Services Australia have undertaken thousands of projects from renovations to multimillion dollar homes with great success.

Commercial Building Estimating Service

Commercial building estimating service – We have clients that specialize in light commercial construction, such as office, retail, and religious buildings. We perform various construction estimating services for these contractors. We provide conceptual estimates, hard bid estimates, and material takeoffs to name a few.