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Having trouble comparing builders quotes? Don’t know if they have included what you have asked for? Or is the price different from what you thought? Our expert team can undertake a comprehensive report allowing you to quickly compare builders quotes and compare apples with apples.

Why compare builders quotes? This can be a tricky task – with every builder offering a different product with slightly different inclusions, prices and service.

Our team will investigate everything within your documentation allowing a peace of mind.

So how do you compare builders quotes?

Most people will simply look at the bottom line, if this is the case then you are off to usually a very bad start. Assuming that each Builder has covered the same scope, inclusions, exclusions, and will build using the same quality is not the way to go.

Compare builders quotes

So where do you start? 

There are many questions to go through to compare your builders quotes.

How long have you been in the industry?

Looking into the longevity of the builder may help choosing the right candidate

What type of contract will be used?

With many contracts in the building and construction industry, the right type needs to be investigated.

What experience do you have in the work I am requesting?

If the builder has not undertaken your type of project before, make sure they completely understand the requirements.

What other projects will you be involved with while working on my house?

If a builder is stretched to the limit, your project may be left out for quality.

Do you have a list of recent clients that I can speak with?

References and past clients speak volumes.

What are the PS sums?

A provisional sum is an allowance included in a fixed price construction contract for an item of work that cannot be priced by the contractor at the time of entering the contract.

Why using our services will save you money

Before obtaining builders quotes:

Our staff are experts in costing construction jobs. They can work with you, your designer, engineer and builder to give you an accurate estimate of what the job might cost.

Estimating Services Australia can undertake an estimate before you put the job out to tender. This gives you a benchmark to judge quotes against. You can give the builders who are tendering the quantities (Bill of materials) without giving them the estimated prices, so they have more information to use in putting together their estimate or quote.

Comparing builders quotes:

We will work through all your documentation, comparing inclusions, exclusions, specifications, builders reputation, pricing, contractual obligations and feasibility for you. The extensive report will outline the advantages and disadvantages of the quotations for you to make you own informed decision. Please note WE DO NOT have any affiliation with any builder. Contact us today.

Comparing Building Quotes

Do you need help comparing builder’s quotes?

Construction and renovation are a new process for most of us, and if you are not fully prepared, it can be overwhelming. Especially when choosing a builder, it is an area that can overwhelm many people. Comparing builders quotes or submissions need to be done with the utmost precision.

Given the horror stories and major financial investments we often hear, this is completely understandable. After all, you are dealing with the experts in their field, and they are more familiar with the gameplay than you.

Why is it important to compare building quotes?

Unfortunately, some builders use their experience and take advantage of the lack of knowledge of their clients. However, instead of taking the “us and them” approach, it is better to improve your understanding of the processes involved so that you can establish an open, informative, and transparent relationship with the builders. The first step is to completely understand the documentation provided to you from the builder. Comparing building quotes can indicate the most beneficial organisation or builder to choose.

Trying to interpret builder’s inclusions, exclusions, specifications, addenda’s, contracts, and assumptions is a complex undertaking and without extensive experience mistakes are bound to happen. So why not let the experts help?

There are many things to consider when comparing building quotes, and the price is just one piece of the puzzle. Let’s take a look at how to compare building quotes, and the top items that you should consider in your comparison.

What are the main items to consider when comparing building quotes?

The main things you need to consider when comparing building quotes includes:

  • Read your quote fully and don’t just compare prices
  • Look at the list of inclusions and highlight any differences
  • Review the standard of finishes
  • Quality of products supplied
  • Does the quote provide realistic timelines?
  • Realistic PS and PC (provisional sum and prime cost) items
  • Fixed price labour compared to allowances
  • The process to correct any defect issues

Estimating Service Australia is a completely independent company, we do not have any agreements with builders and we are NOT a BUILDING BROKER.

What is included when we compare builders quotes?

Our detailed reporting includes complete comparisons and analysis for your project. Why risk your hard earned money? Let our expert team work for you today.

Our team will investigate the builders submission from top to bottom analyzing all documentation for you.

Track Record:

The tenderer’s performance in completing past projects to the quality standards required, time performance, within budget, claims history, project management, and product value is assessed.

Extension of contract completion dates and claims for variations also give an indication of performance capability. Similarly, the satisfaction of previous clients regarding the management of the project and project outcome provide useful information on performance of the tenderer.

Scope of works:

The tenderers submission has been analysed for inclusions regarding the Scope of Work (SOW) is the area in an agreement where the work to be performed is described. The SOW should contain any milestones, reports, deliverables, and end products that are expected to be provided by the performing party. The SOW should also contain a timeline for all deliverables.


Pricing is compared and analysed from all tender submissions. Due to the complex project nature an emphasis on value for money and compliance has been used to evaluate submissions.  


    Compare builders quotes
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    Having trouble comparing builders quotes? Don’t know if they have included what you have asked for? Or is the price different from what you thought? Our expert team can undertake a comprehensive report allowing you to quickly compare builders quotes and compare apples with apples.
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